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Ask Aunty Lisa

Questions in Brief

My 16-year-old son is going out with a 51-year-old woman

My 16-year-old son is dating a woman who is 51, which I found out from a friend who told me he’d seen them kissing passionately in a restaurant.

I didn’t even know my son had a girlfriend, let alone one who is 35 years…

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I feel destroyed by my husband's secret daughter and ex-girlfriend

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have been married for 30 years and thought I could trust my husband 100%.

That was the main thing I was looking for in a husband – someone I could trust and not a womaniser.

Recently, I found out he’d dated a…

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Can sex with my friend develop into a relationship?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have a male friend I have known for 15 years. Over the past four months he’s been coming to my house twice a week and on some occasions we have sex.

We message each other all the time and have…

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'Why Is My Pen!s Darker Than The Rest Of Me?'

Ever wonder why your pen!s is darker than the rest of your body? It's not just in your head: Whether your skin is black, white, or somewhere in between, genitalia and areolas naturally darken during puberty — "an effect of hormones."

When males…

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We've gone from a fairy tale marriage to one word answers - how do we...

Dear Aunty Lisa

My husband and I have been married for a year and we have two toddlers.

Before we got married, everything was like a fairy tale between us but now he has just stopped communicating with me.

He comes home from work and…

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