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I'm 13, I'm too old to be a VIRG!N, i now want to feel a...

Is 13 too OLD to be a virgin?
I know this may be an awkward question but lots of my friends were shocked when they found out I never kissed a boy and im a virgin? Help? when is the right age? I…

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I don’t agree with the way our uncle is bringing me up as my parents...

My uncle is really overprotective when it comes to my siblings and me. My parents currently live abroad and only come home every two years.

We appreciate that he looks after us and understand that he wants no harm to come to us…

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How does it feel to have a young beautiful wife who does not love you?

How does it feel to have a young beautiful wife who does not love you?
It might be due to arranged marriage. Or she married your for money or status. Or she has tried to love you but then gave up.

Aunty Lisa says


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My brother keeps inviting my ex who has the longest PEN!S to family events

Dear Aunty Lisa

I broke up with my boyfriend back in September after two years together. We didn’t have a major fall-out and ended things pretty amicably.

I just felt our relationship was all about him – he was always promising the earth and never…

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I’ve beaten cancer but I’m terrified of having a scan

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015 during a CT scan prior to a hysterectomy. This op was due to a pelvic tumour, which turned out to be benign.

I was put on drugs to shrink the breast tumour, enabling…

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