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How does it feel to have a young beautiful wife who does not love you?
It might be due to arranged marriage. Or she married your for money or status. Or she has tried to love you but then gave up.

Aunty Lisa says

I have met people like this . I live in Asia and this happens quite a bit. Old men with young women. Like over 25 years older then their wives, if not more . People say love knows no age and blah, blah, blah. Just not the case in my opinion.

Complete B.S., maybe not all cases bur definitely more so then not. I believe the young belong together with the young and the old belong together with the old. This makes more sense in the real world.

Having a beautiful young wife or GF is every man’s fantasy. I am sure having a young and good looking man is also any woman's fantasy as well. There is great beauty in being young and there's nothing wrong with it.

I dated a younger girl for awhile . I was a good 20 years older then her and it was definitely a good ego booster for me. She was tall, young and beautiful . I felt good that at my age I was still able to catch someone like her. What was better, I don't have a Ferrari or a Porsche.

I am also not a wealthy guy with a fat pay check or a trust fund . It is a nice feeling to have a younger and beautiful girl by your side and having people maybe envy me but that was as far as it went.

Eventually, reality caught up to us and the honeymoon was over. She liked going out to clubs and to hang out late with friends more often then I do. While at my age now ( 40’s ) I tend to enjoy staying home more and focusing on my work . Or relaxing at home and reading. Drinking and clubbing and all those things that we love doing in our 20’s and 30’s, just don't appeal to me anymore .

And I knew that no matter how hard she tried or i tired, we just are at different stages in our life . I didn't want to take those experiences from her as this was also her peak time ( 25 years old ) to be out enjoying her youth and living life. And just being a bit wild and unscrupulous as I was when I was her age.

I also knew a guy who married a much younger wife and she was stunning. A beauty pageant in Indonesia and fashion model, I believe.

He was very wealthy and I tell you this, his was not a happy life. A damn shame because I had met him a few times and he was one of the nicest and most humble men that I have ever met. He made well over a million dollars a year in the logistic profession.

A self made man who grew up from a broken family, with no father and a alcoholic mother. But he over came all those obstacles to become one of the top logistic guys for a top firm.

While his wife love the high end brands such as Chanel, LV and all those fancy brands. This guy never wore any brand labels and detested it. While his wife always wore something with a high end brand. From ear rings, shoes, and etc.

Even her pen was a Swarovski, that supposedly costed usd 1,000 dollars ! She and her friends were by far the biggest label wh*res I have even encounter in my life.

How odd it was as all the money spent on all the shoes, clothes, purses was his hard earned money . She came from a small village in country in West Java and her parents where farmers. I never thought she loved him nor treated him well enough.

I felt quite sorry for him as I knew how horrible his younger and beautiful wife behaved. She was a devious woman and obviously did not love him.

And did a lot of unfaithful things in their marriage. I am not one to judge, but that marriage was horrible in my eyes.

What is the purpose of love if their is no respect, no love or no plan of building a life together. Very sad.

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