Research shows most women over the age of 18 have mas_turbated at least once, but few women do so routinely. Mas_turbation is a normal, enjoyable and healthy experience. Here are 13 reasons every woman should mas_turbate on a daily basis, otherwise your boyfriend or husband will definitely cheat on you!

1. It makes you happier.
We know that pleasure makes people feel good. It’s really that simple. Orga_sms release the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, which can improve your mood

Hello Aunt Lisa

I have had sex with so many men and now my vagina is too wide. Every guy that I have been with says my vagina is huge. I must admit I do enjoy the one nights stands but I'm 39 now and met this guy I really like.

My new boyfriend jokes about how big my punani is and how he "can fit his fist in there" I can understand how he finds it funny because I used to at the start but now it's really starting to upset me. What can I do to make it smaller?


Dear Aunty Lisa,

I met a guy in town last week who tricked me and promised to marry me. I didn't ask his age, but he appeared to be around 35 years old. I'm 17 years old. so he should be about 18 years older than me. He said he would buy me a car once we get married and would change my life for better. On that day we ended up having sex at a lodge. And it was my first time to have sex.

However, the problem is that that was my last time to see him. I figured out that the phone

Hi aunty Lisa.

I'm a man aged 16 and my girlfriend is 21 years old. Of late we have been having fights over sex. She knows very much that I can't live without sex, yet she goes on her periods for even 5 days while I'm starving.
If she really loved me she would find a way to stop her period like a pill or something.. I think she's just being selfish. I'm a man. I have sexual needs.

Would I have done a wrong thing to cheat on her just during her menstruation time? As soon as she

Hie Aunty Lisa,

Isn's my wife crazy? I have my own business, a successful one but I get home earlier than her. I decided to watch porn and mastur.bate then she walked in on me and crashed my balls painfully and said you could have waited another hour for real p*ssy.
It was a really hard punch, I knew she could punch really hard anyway. SHe is an ex-boxer. She gave me a full on punch and I almost cried.

She made it up to me later that night and we had great sex but damn that

Dear Aunty Lisa,

I'm a 18 year old girl from Portugal. While incest is a criminal offence in most countries, however in Portugal it's not, so long two adults have consented to sex.

For that reason, my mother married her brother but she cheated on him with my grandfather who then impregnated me too! He didn't r@pe me, we watched porn together and ended up having sex.
I'm now confused. Is my mom's dad my dad and my grandaddy at the same time?

Does this also make me and mom

Dear Aunty Lisa,

Did my husband r@pe me?

My husband and I had sex yesterday, but now that I think about it, I wasn't in the mood. Did he rape me?

Can you change your mind after it's done?
I did cum about three times, the sex session lasted 1 hour, it was awesome-ish but when he penetrated I didn't give him a go-ahead.

So that means he r@ped me right?

Should I sue him?

Hie Aunty Lissa

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for about 5 rounds a day but he used withdrawal method and shot his cum out of me. I want to know if I could be pregnant or are there any chances for me getting pregnant because of the withdrawal method we used.

From Leeroy:
The withdrawal method can work. The whole process is reliant on everything coming together (no pun intended) so it is actually designed to not work everytime. Of course the

Hey Auntie Lisa,

Last week on Sunday it was her first time having sex, so I knew what to do but when I first shoved it inside, it was that tight that I struggled to get it in but when it got in, I screwed for a few seconds. She then suggested that we should change the style and do doggie. To my shock, I couldn't get it out for like 15 minutes.
I was so scared and what first crossed my mind was that the news reporters from that taboid newspaper which always writes about sex would

Hello Aunty Lisa,
I'm a 21 year old woman who has been sexually active for nearly 10 years. I started having sex when I was only 12 years old. I was staying in the ghetto and was raised by my grandmother who was struggling to make ends meet. To cut the long story short, I found a working-class man who was willing to help me finish school, provide me with some pocket money and even money to buy pads and other feminine stuff - at a price of course. He is married but here and there he

Hi Aunt Lisa.
My VAG!NA tastes and smells bad. It's not like a fishy smell, but it's an "off" smell. I also have a weird white clumpy discharge when I have sex. I went to the gyno, and everything was fine, but I am wondering why my VAG!NA is experiencing this. The problem has stayed the same throughout.
I have a bad diet. It's kind of embarrassing and it gives me anxiety. I would prefer not to send a picture, but if needs be I could. Please let me know.

By the way I'm 15

Dear Aunty Lisa, I'm 16 years old and I am someone who really loves 'eating' and sucking men's pen!ses. However last night something really got me thinking, and I decided to ask you this question.

When men are pooping in toilet where will their pen!s be? In the toilet bowl? or next to the poophole or it will be immersed in toilet water?

  Loice: They hold it

Mary: It will be immersed in toilet water

Joice: Shit, sucking a pen!s

Dear Aunty Lisa,

I really didn't want to share my story with your community members because they insult a lot instead of feeling sorry for people facing various problems. However, my issue keeps haunting me such that I have decided to just face the full wrath of your fans.
I'm 20 years old and my girlfriend is also aged 20. I have never had sex with her because we are waiting for our marriage (we're both virgins). Meanwhile, she is starting to show signs of being pregnant.


How can i safely stretch my asshole in one week?

I need to stretch it by next week. Me and 3 of my guy friends are getting together and i need to be ready for it. Yes i am a guy so please no homophobic remarks.

PS: Any mothers out there? How did you stretch for your baby?


From anonymous:
"Any mothers out there? How did you stretch for your baby?" <--- IS THAT EVEN REAL?! Omfg lmao! A woman does not have to "train" or "stretch" for child

Hey auntie Lisa,

I think I'm in deep trouble here. I have just figured out that my girlfriend has dated 9 boyfriends, making myself her 10th boyfriend.

What's more worrying is that she says she is allergic to condoms, and we had sex on the first day we met, meaning all the nine boyfriends also had sex with her.
It also means she told all her 9 boyfriends that she is allergic to condoms, therefore she has had unprotected sex with 10 different men.

Could I have attracted a

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