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Hie Aunty Lisa,

Isn's my wife crazy? I have my own business, a successful one but I get home earlier than her. I decided to watch porn and mastur.bate then she walked in on me and crashed my balls painfully and said you could have waited another hour for real p*ssy.

It was a really hard punch, I knew she could punch really hard anyway. SHe is an ex-boxer. She gave me a full on punch and I almost cried.

She made it up to me later that night and we had great sex but damn that punch hurt. Isn't she crazy? I know she is crazy about me and adores me. I think she was pissed off that I was watching porn without her.

My main worry is will I still be able to make women pregnant? Hasn't that punch affected my fertility system?

You are here: Home Health & Safety My wife crashed my TEST!CLES after she found me mastur`bating