Premarital s_ex is a morally good thing. It's time we stopped seeing it as something wrong and started seeing it as something that, for most of us, is totally right. Here are 8 good reasons why you must have s_ex before marriage.

8. People who have s_ex are happier.

Fact! Having s_ex once a week is the happiness equivalent of an extra R50,000 in the bank. Especially if you're having s_ex with a rich dude. (Kidding. Rich dudes don't try in bed.)

7. s_ex is healthy and

When all attempts to lure a reluctant lover have failed, try a homemade love potion. A love potion's power is in the act of making it. While brewing the ingredients and reciting the incantation, focus your energy on your goal. Beware that while potions can be effective, they can also teach you to be careful what you wish for. You may discover that you needed a potion to bring your love to you because you aren't a good match after all.

Items you will need

* Apple
* Pinch

How far have you gone to show someone you're attracted to them?
How far has someone gone to show you they're attracted to you?


I was raised in South Carolina where girls are taught to be reserved and not fight for a guy, but I think it happens to every girl eventually that they meet a guy who makes all of that fly out the window.

He and I dated seriously for a while, but broke up because he was having trouble balancing his PhD and our relationship

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?


Betzalel Shapiro
18-year-old boy here. Personally, I think a girl with tasteful makeup applied is absolutely beautiful. I think of it as I would of her general fashion sense. I can appreciate a girl better when she has her own defined style, and her cosmetics can add to that.

That said, in many cases, I do not feel a girl necessarily needs makeup. There’s something to be said about the natural beauty that

“My problem started long ago but I have been ignoring it. My boyfriend and I have a child of 12 and she is the only thing keeping us together. Whenever I call him to do something for the child, he swears at me, telling me that I must leave him alone. He thinks that I’m making excuses to see him when I tell him that our child needs to see him. His attitude is also affecting the child’s upbringing. When they spend weekends together, she comes back swearing like anything. I am very depressed

I’m pregnant and my boyfriend is stressing me. He blames me for his actions. He goes out with friends, and says it’s because I have too many male friends and he can’t deal with my nonsense. I don’t know what he’s talking about.
Aunty Lisa says  
He comes across as an emotional abuser who blames you for his bad actions. He’s also taking advantage of your kindness and understanding, and you allow it. Don’t lose hope; take action to resolve this. I am

“My brother always masturbates in front of the small children in the family. When we talk to him about it, he says it is healthy for him to relieve himself. Our main concern is that the children think this is a cool thing – I have seen my nephew copying him. How can we talk some sense into my brother?” – Lulu, Germiston
  Aunty Lisa says
Your brother is committing a crime when he exposes himself and commits “indecent sexual acts” in public. He has to be stopped. Although it is

“My daughter and husband treat me like their puppet and I live in fear of my husband. I take pills to keep calm. I suffer from panic attacks and I’m even afraid to travel by bus or train. It’s worse now that my daughter expects me to look after her children although she knows I don’t have the strength. Everybody tells me what to do and I always try to please them, but nothing ever works best for me. Help me to stop these people controlling my life.” – Belinda, Cape Town

I’m a woman of 28 and find it hard to forgive. I take everything personally, and hold a grudge against people who upset me. I no longer have friends or get along with my family because of this. Deep down,I’m a kind, caring person. But whenI’m upset, I lose it and act to spite them. Please help me deal with my anger; I don’t want to end up alone.
Anonymous, Randburg
  Aunty Lisa says
Lack of forgiveness is very destructive. Write down your feelings to process

I’m 23 years old and have a problem with the colour of my inner thighs , they’re just too dark . I’ve tried all kinds of oils and creams and nothing seems to help . What can I do to make my thighs lighter ?

 Aunty Lisa says  
A: the colour of your inner thighs is most likely caused by friction , because your thighs rub together as you walk . Your body isn’t supposed to be the same colour all over and there is no reason to feel self conscious about the darker skin tone

I am a woman of 22 who got married secretly at 19 to a Nigerian man. We’ve been married for three years and have a child, but he failed to maintain his child during our marriage. I want to divorce him, but I don’t know how. I’ve found out that his belongings are in his brother’s name, as is his bank account.
  I cannot afford a lawyer and I don’t know my rights in this matter. I want this to be resolved peacefully. We separated a year ago. Please help me sort this out in a clear-cut

I’ve been unhappy for several years. I’m 33 and feel I haven’t reached the goals I set for myself as a young woman. Even though I know I can do much more, I’m unable to fulfil my potential. My life is vulnerable and boring, and I’m sick and tired of myself. It feels as if I’m not progressing because I don’t have enough money to maintain myself. My plan was that by now I would have my own house. What can I do?
Ntombi from KZN
  Aunty Lisa says

You are not the only one who

“I have been married for 30 years. My husband is 50 and he says he does not feel anything for any women. I do not believe him because he had a number of affairs in the past. On Saturday nights he watches pornography. When I speak to him or try to touch him he turns the other way and does not respond. Is he cheating on me? He also says he does not get an erection when he touches me. I feel very lonely.” – Heartbroken
  Aunty Lisa says
Your husband is letting you know very clearly

I met my boyfriend four years ago. We have a three-year-old son together. We were happy until last year, when he cheated on me and impregnated another woman. I forgave him and he eventually dumped the woman. He used to chat with me, phone or visit me, but now it takes him days to talk to me or see me. I confronted him about this but he just says he loves me and wants a future with me. I love him, but I think that if he loves me, he will have to prove it with actions and not just his empty

My first boyfriend broke up with me a long time ago and I promised myself that I would not be angry with him. I continued with my life and worked on improving myself. Then his neighbour fell in love with me and I just could not resist him. However, the relationship did not go well and we broke up. Now they are both fighting over me. Each one says I’m his wife. I’m very confused about who to choose. My first boyfriend was really bad, but says he is now a changed man. The second one was

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