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How far have you gone to show someone you're attracted to them?
How far has someone gone to show you they're attracted to you?


I was raised in South Carolina where girls are taught to be reserved and not fight for a guy, but I think it happens to every girl eventually that they meet a guy who makes all of that fly out the window.

He and I dated seriously for a while, but broke up because he was having trouble balancing his PhD and our relationship. I was devastated when it happened, but knew deep down that we would eventually get back together. It was just one of those gut feelings. For 8 months after the breakup, while everyone around me was telling me to just move on and forget him, and without hearing from him and going off of my faith in the relationship alone, I did the following:

    I learned to cook for him and took cooking classes in his ethnic cuisine (while holding a full-time job at an investment bank). This was no small personal investment. I did this for two reasons: 1) I thought he would be able to study better if he had nutritious food, because the only thing he knew how to make for himself were turkey and mustard sandwiches. And 2) he hated the idea of not being able to take me on many dates because of his modest earning situation, and I thought that if I knew how to make delicious meals, we could be totally content eating in.
    I moved apartments because it bothered him that another boyfriend had spent time in mine before we started dating. He was sort of a jealous guy, and I decided that it would be easier if we just had a fresh start once we got back together. I decided to go ahead and move to make things more pleasant for everyone.
    I read things like http://www.phdcomics.com/ and the Quora grad school questions all the time to stay in the loop on what he was probably going through, and partly because it made me feel closer to him and I missed him. (Ultimately this lead me to consider grad school for myself.)

It doesn't look like much on paper, but those things took a lot of faith and emotional energy since we weren't even on speaking terms at the time.

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