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How hard should I hit my wife when she doesn't do as she's told?

Aunty Lisa says

You would hit her EXACTLY hard enough to convince her that divorcing you is the only option open to her. That’s how hard.

Then, you go to jail for domestic abuse, she gets the divorce, and you NEVER have to worry about her not doing what you tell her to do ever again.

Otherwise, if you want her to continue to be in your life, you do not hit her ever.

Or does someone need to beat that lesson into you? I’m not threatening or anything so crude. I’m asking. If some really large dude heard you ask this question… and he turned to you and said “How hard should I hit you to change your view on hitting women so that you never hit them again?”… what would you tell him? Would you tell him “Oh, hit me like a sledgehammer. That oughta do it.”? Or would you say “waitaminute.. I was just askin… I don’t want to hit anyone” in a desperate attempt to NOT be picking your teeth out of his fist in the next 30 seconds.

I think you’d back right down, and try to give the impression that you had never hit a woman before.

However… all of this most likely is shining on blind eyes. Even if you get capitulation in the immediate, every time you hit her you make her NOT want to do what you say. It is a self-defeating action. You cannot beat her into submission, unless you consider death to be submission. You can inspire FEAR in her… fear of you, fear of doing anything you’d consider to be wrong… but all that fear does is mask the increase in hatred and defiance.

Every time you hit her, you are creating your own worst enemy.

You really want to wake up to a sharp pain in the middle of the night, and her driving away tossing your severed penis out the car window? John and Lorena Bobbitt - Wikipedia

You are asking for instructions on how to commit Domestic Violence. It is illegal, and immoral. How hard should you get hit so you understand that?

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