Aunty Lisa,

My question is spiritual. Please always know that I’m not a racist, but I have a question that has always eaten my mind for so many years. No one has answered me satisfactorily yet.
If God knew that Africans and Blacks were going to suffer the most, why did he create them.
Update: Since every other race hates black and I mean everyone hates black people. ALL other races hate BLACK PEOPLE. Go to ASIA, EUROPE, PACIFIC ISLANDS, AUSTRALIA.

I wish God did not create black people because all other races don’t want to admit they are racists. They try to divert the attention when you bring the fact to them. Which is the reason why Africa is so poor. As Africans we are the worst in everything, technology, wealth, diseases, poverty, crimes, etc. Everyone just hates Africans, so why did God create us?

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