Hi Aunty,

I’m not the one who have a problem, but my next door neighbour is the one who desperately needs your help (through me).

My teenage neighbour, Blessing, is only 13 years old but is already pregnant. No one, including Blessing, knows the father of the unborn baby. She claimed that her 45-year-old father (name withheld) was sleeping with her. But, according to her, it was only in the dreamland. But what happens outside her dreams is that Blessing has gone out with so many men that it has become difficult to pinpoint the man responsible for her pregnancy.

At age 10, Blessing, according to her father, started going out with old men to unknown destinations. Blessing explained to me how his father had been sleeping with her and whenever she tried to refuse, he would chain her legs to the chair for about three days until he came back from his office on the Island.

Blessing’s father was reported to police and he said to them his daughter sleeps with about four to five men on a daily basis. If no man comes her way for a day, she would go out to the street to seduce any man that comes her way. He claimed that he started chaining her whenever he is going to work to prevent her from running after men again.

When I asked her what is happening, she said these words to me: “I have joined Satanism. My assignment is to tell lies, deceive people and run after men. Even when I was prayed for at the Catholic church, the spirit still did not depart from me.”

By the way, we live in Nigeria. Please help my neighbour aunty. I too am willing to assist her if you provide me with a helpful solution. I really feel for this young girl.

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