Hi Lisa,

I don’t even know where to start from. My story is very embarrassing but because I desperately need an advice, I just have to eat the humble pie and let you know my story.

I have been married for the past 18 years and of late we have been having serious marital problems with my husband who is a truck driver. Half the times he is at home and half the times he is out of town on business duty. While he is away he sleeps around with prostitutes and now we don’t really love each other. Since I’m scared of contracting HIV due to his infidelity, I ended up not asking for sex from him, instead I started dating a divorced pastor from our church.

We both love each other and we have been having protected sex for quite some time. Over the weekend my 17-year-old son caught us having sex and he demanded to have sex with me as well as money from the pastor so that he won’t tell his dad about it, or expose the pastor at church. Obviously I would never allow him to bonk me, if he was my step son maybe, but in this case he is my first born child, and I won’t tolerate that.

I can’t even explain to him that I stopped having sex with his dad in 2013, neither can I tell him that his dad is doing even much more than what I did, only that he caught me and not his dad. I have no problem with him telling his dad about what he saw, but I want to protect my pastor at all costs. My son is still insisting that he must do what he saw our pastor doing, otherwise he will tell the whole church what he saw and also tell his father about it.

Please aunty Lisa, help me. How do I solve my dilemma?

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