I am a South African and my husband is a Nigerian, we live in the U.S. This Thanksgiving, my husband’s best friend, who lives in the U.K with his family but doing a doctorate course in the States, came to visit. He came with a young lady who he introduced as a course mate. We had a good dinner and had lots fun. He was supposed to spend the whole holidays with us, that is from Thursday to Sunday, but I had no idea he was bringing someone with him and neither did my husband.

Later that evening, I saw this guy kissing his so called “course mate.” I could not believe my eyes. I called my husband into our bedroom and told him I was not happy with this since I know he is married with two kids. I’ve met his wife and she is such a lovely lady. My husband agreed with me and we went back to the living room to ask him when the lady will be leaving and he said she will be sharing the guest room with her. My husband told him he was sorry but we were not comfortable with that. The lady got upset and said that they were adults who can do whatever they want. I told her we were Christians and do not condone that. They took their luggage and left.

Now my SIL is blaming me for destroying my husband and BFF’s friendship which started since they were toddlers and that if my marriage is going to work, I must understand the culture and know my place. Did I do something wrong by deciding to please God instead of man? What has this got to do with culture? From the look of things the whole family is angry with me and not my hubby, please advice me.

Thank you and God bless.

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