Hi Auntie Lisa,

May I be excused from revealing both my name and where I’m based, for security and victimisation purposes. My issue is a spiritual one, I do hope you cover that discipline as well.

I’m a middle aged married woman who loves God with all my heart. I used to be a prostitute before I gave my life to Christ. I would have sex with not less than two men everyday for about a year that I was in this trade. but since then I have never turned back nor backsliden. The man who married me was once my client when I used to sell sex. He really enjoyed making love with me until we started dating and I stopped selling sex to other men. Before I married him, I had sold sex to probably around 700 men since I usually would just have sex with just 2 men daily.

While I have totally become committed and faithful to my husband, he thinks otherwise. He always accuses me of being a cheater and a hardcore prostitute. The major problem that I’m having is that he then went to church and told our pastor, who is a well known prophet and lied that I’m a prostitute. WHat I did  years ago when I was still in that trade, is what he claimed to the prophet that I’m doing at this moment.

After that, the prophet came to my house and had a discussion with me. That is when I revealed that I used to be a prostitute. Since then he is now asking me to have sex with him. He says if I really want to save my marriage I should have sex with him because he has powers to either strengthen my marriage or further destroy it. He has done various “miracle” in my presence to prove to me that he has has super natural powers.

Please aunty help me, what should I do? I really love my husband and I have never cheated on him since I gave my life to Jesus. SHould I tell him this? but won’t this pastor then revenge by destroying my marriage? I hope this is something that you can handle because I’m desperate and pray for me that I don’t end up thinking of committing suicide.

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