Hi Aunty Lisa,

I now believe that men are dogs for sure. This was after my own husband proved this to me. The thing is I am a member of PHD Ministries and at our church we all put Prophet Magaya’s photo on our Profile Pictures. This will make the God of Prophet Magaya to bless us as well. Even at church we are always encounraged to show love to the man of God at all times, and using his photo as a profile pic is one of the ways.

My husband doesn’t go to church. I have tried too many times to ask him to come to church but he refuses, instead he goes to drink beer ever Saturday and Sunday while other men are coming to church to receive prophetic messages from God through the Prophet.

So last week he ordered me to remove Prophet Magaya’s photo from my Whatsapp Profile Pic then replace it with his own pic. I refused. How can I remove a man of God’s profile picture and put a drunkard’s photo? He even threatened to assault me if I don’t remove the prophet’s pic, but still I didn’t honour his demands.

What is now frustrating me is that yesterday I found out that he has since changed his own Profile pic and instead of using a man of God’s photo, he is using a prostitute’s photo. A real prostitute who really frequents night clubs! Even the woman’s dressing says it all.

When I confronted my husband over his profile pic, he said that woman had preached to him and made him believe in God, therefore he should also use her photo as his profile pic. Surely all men are dogs!

What do you think I should do to stop my husband from using this prostitute’s photo on his Whatsapp account?

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