Hello Aunty Lisa.

Please don’t say I’m thick, because I’m not. It’s just that I’m really confused. I’m a 25 year old married man who is madly in love with a 19-year-old beautiful woman. We have been married for 2 years and we have tried so much to have a baby of our own but all efforts proved futile.

We have been to various doctors, different sangomas and prophets, countless specialists and counsellors, but it all didn’t help. However, what kep us going is the fact that we deeply love each other and we had faith in God. We knew one day He would answer our prayers.

Last month my wife missed her periods and yesterday the doctor confirmed that she is now exactly 6 weeks pregnant. Surprisingly, Six weeks ago I went out of the country on a business trip and she sent me a WhatsApp message saying she had dreamed about me, and that we had steamy sex in that dream. Now she is alleging that I impregnated her in the dream. She says a certain prophet had prophesied it to her that when God’s time comes I would impregnate her in a mysterious manner, similar to what Mary did in the Bible.

I’m confused aunty. but it’s a bit difficult to believe that my wife may have cheated on me because she is very open to me. She lets me use her Facebook account whenever I so wish. She even accesses her Facebook account and her email on my phone, then she won’t log off. She is a prayer warrior who never misses a church service, and she even lets me read her WhatsApp messages and let me reply some of them on her behalf. She lets me play games on her phone and falls asleep while I’m with her phone.

She has never done anything to make me think that she is cheating. She is a true blessing, who dearly loves me. Every evening when I return from work, she takes off my shoes, prepares me bathing water, then food, then she gives me a blowjob and eventually good sex. It’s too gross to believe that she could have cheated. But the problem is all my relatives are failing to believe that I spiritually impregnated her while I was out of town. I don’t know aunty, what should I do? Do you know of anyone who has ever experienced a similar encounter? How did they handle it?

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