Do you think it’s wrong that I would consider how “good” a girl’s genetics are before marrying her?

From the perspective of what impact they would have on any children we would have.

Tony Li

No, not at all. That’s a reasonable question. If, for example, her family has a genetic predisposition to hemophilia, leprosy, or some other major debilitating illness, that’s worth considering. Of course, if you’re truly in love, it probably doesn’t matter to you in the long run. But then I’m not assuming that you’re marrying for love.

Lisa Shields


I have “good genes”.

My ex husband had “good genes”.

We had no shared lineage, but between us covered most of Europe genetically.

And we both have a genetic recessive that only one person in 500,000 get. The odds are minute. But we had it. You can’t afford the testing for even the most common variants.And if you are planning to breed her like a pedrigreed pet, I suggest you have testing as well. You might bear in mind that a hundred years back “the best families” married first cousins. Great for keeping cash in the family…not so great for your genetics.

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