Hello Aunty Lisa,

Please help me, I am being bewitched by my own mother. She is a witch who calls herself  a Christian and even calls upon the name of the Lord, & claims she is saved.

She is a wife of a pastor since she is married to my father, and they are both wolves in sheep skin, concerning themselves with dark & evil works! My father even aqcuired evil powers from a Ghana sangoma who turned my dad into a prophet.

My mother transfers her devilish & demonic spirits in every way of contact – even through the phone if you phone her. Also if you talk about her in her absence, the demons will come and mess with you even though she is not there! Once I phone my mother, then my day will turn into a night mare!!!

She also has evil powers to make your clothes look torn or worn out! She will touch your new pants and next minute your underwear has holes all over it and looks yeears old! I have even lost a job that i was employed permanently in, a goverment job, because of my mother.

My mother works with my younger sister in these evil works. She is her golden child, and lives to please my mother – she does everything that mother says she must do. Everything! my sister doesn't live her own life, she lives that of my mother & she likes it. She likes doing all the evil works – and you must see how she thrives when she does the evil! She is obsessed in living a sinful & evil life! She is also a sociopath. They are both bewitching me because I refused to follow their evil paths, now they want to kill me because they don't want to be exposed.

When they came to visit me (during the time that I was jobless after they bewitched me to lose my job) they would come to visit me in my flat to see if I was already dying of hunger and pain and poverty. They would leave a group of demons in my flat. My mother would lean on my food cupboard – and that is when she would be putting the demons whose duty is to make sure the cupboards are empty without food, & to plant poverty & hunger. And for some days after she had left I would really feel the hunger and I always knew it was her doing that that happened. She was my mother & I loved her & felt like I had no way of chasing her away from my place.

My mother chased me out of her house when I lost my job. She would then come to my flat and leave behind some of her demons, to make sure that I suffer or even die. She has tried so many times to kill me. She also bewitched me to have sicknesses such as ulcers, brwast cancer and non-stop period pains, etc, but I got healed, thanks to the power of God whom I worship with all my heart. My mother is now seeing a witch-doctor that has all the evil powers and she is doing everything she can to make sure I die this time.

What should I do guys? I'm beginning to lose hope in life and to give up on living because there is no longer any purpose of living. There is now absolutelu no reason to smile, my mother, my own father and my sister have all turned against me after I refused to joi n their satanism. I really need your help before I end my own life.

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