Please don’t freak.

I know this is super weird… & I can’t help it.

Buuuuuuut yes i am VERY much so attracted to my brother. I don’t know what to do. Were only one year apart and it seems the older he gets the more..Sexually Attracted?? I become towards him.

When we were little it wasn’t like this just bff’s and closer than anything. I’m so confused? I don’t like my brother… but honestly i want to see him naked, he walks around in boxers and my mouth just drops hes so “Hot” Awkward to say but so very true… :/ I’ve had dreams about having se_x with him and i get turned on when we wrestle or play around. He’s also been acting ‘flirty’ towards me but maybe I’m just insane. i know this sounds sick and weird. i cant help it… What do you think?

This is a picture.. maybe you’ll get where i coming from..???

Today talked to my brother, i let all my feelings out and told him i couldn’t help myself. This was very awkward and weird…at first. But then He told me he felt the same that the physical attraction he had towards me was crazy and he gets a ***** when he sees me walk around in my bra which is normal for brothers and sisters but i guess for us it was too much.

So yes. We ended up having se_x, honestly the best se_x iv ever had don’t get me wrong.. I KNOW THIS IS WRONG but it was so kinky and exciting &we didn’t have to sneak around our parents would never think that me and him were ********** It was amazing and i want more of it.

Please don’t take this as a joke i have a problem and my brother seems to like it just as much as me its like secret lover but weird. I’m disgusted but i cant help myself from wanting more. seeing him naked was so exciting for me just a fantasy ?

Advice please & thank you. I’m so very confused.

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