Hie Auntie.

My wife is out of town and son is away at college for break so it’s just me and my daughter. I was supposed come home late from my office yesterday because of a lot of corporate bullshit I had to tend to but realized I forgot a handful of documents in my office at home so I had to come home earlier than expected.

I come home, go upstairs and walk towards my office down the hall and see my daughter’s room door cracked almost half-way open. Wouldn’t have thought twice about it if I didn’t hear breathing noises coming from her room. I regretfully looked in with a lot of hesitation thinking it may have been my wife cheating on me believe it or not! Instead, I see my daughter on top of her boyfriend.

I suddenly got light headed and sick to my stomach. As much as I wanted to bust in there and grab the kid by the neck, my more reasonable conscience told me that my daughter would hate me if I did that and above that, would be mortified if I “caught” them. So it took every ounce of me to just walk into my office slowly and just went to work trying to ignore what just happened.

I ended up sleeping in my office last night. I’m almost certain my daughter realized that I had known she was having s3x last night because when I came down for breakfast this morning, she was a little closed off and not willing to talk much. I’m assuming she saw my office light on and saw me sleeping earlier in the morning and figured I had walked past them last night. Anyway, I am pretty pissed right now for many reasons. I think my daughter is too young to have s3x and I’m very certain other parents would agree.

I don’t know what to do or say to her but I want to sit down with her and have a talk. The last thing I need me brushing this issue aside and making her believe that it’s perfectly fine for her to have s3x in my house with my knowing. With my anger there is certainly heartache and disappointment because I feel like there was also a considerable level of disrespect on my daughter’s part for at least not trying to hide it. Yes, I came home early but I came home to MY house. I haven’t talked to my wife yet either, What should i do? HELP!

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