My husband is 6 feet and about fat. I’m 5’4 and tiny. He was a very healthy weight when we met and married years ago. I’m really feeling his weight in the bedroom and it’s just plain hurting my joints. We’re so restricted in the positions we can do that it’s getting me down. He’s very sensitive about talking about s3x. I really miss being able to have a man on top of me and it makes me sad. I have even lost desire to have s3x with him… Any advice?

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I had been dealing with the same until recently (he was 340 at 5’10 and I am 180 at 5’9).

s3x sucked, to say the least. He couldn’t comfortably get on top because he was too heavy, I couldn’t comfortably get on top because he was just too wide. We were basically limited to (bad) doggy style. Every time I brought up s3x, or his weight, he would get angry at me.

I have no advice. Just want to say I can sympathize with you.


The advice is what the obese partner doesn’t want to hear – lose weight – for s3x and overall health.

I have a friend who was 32 when this happened. A reeeaalllly big guy. Like super morbidly obese.

He had constant stomach issues and eventually ended up nearly dying because part of his bowel got strangled and necrotic. The reason why was his internal organs were basically being shoved out of place by fat.

He was also found to have an extremely enlarged heart and even tho he’s lost the weight now, his average life expectancy is about 20 years shorter than it should be.

All because of food. talk to huby about his love for food

Maybe try changing his diet? worked for me, it might work for him as well?

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