I️ am so lost and alone. I️ moved to the U.S to marry my husband. I️ now have a career I’ve worked really hard at, a few friends but really miss my family.

Shortly after I️ married my husband I️ caught him texting a girl he met at a bar behind my back. Then I️ also discovered a few more on his Facebook messenger. We went to counseling, the emotional infidelity stopped. He closed his Facebook account. However, he did not listen or take any of the advice from the counselor on how to make our relationship better or be a good husband to me. About 6 months after we got married the s3x stopped and I️ found out he was using p0rn. He promised to stop, but didn’t. Now I️ have no idea what he’s doing. I️ was finally able to get it out of him one day…said intercourse just didn’t feel good. So that’s been a big blow to me…I’ve felt so awful about myself, age is getting up there so the window for kids is closing yata yata. Knowing my he prefers p0rn hurts like hell.

I️ feel so lost, alone, unwanted, confused. I️ want to leave…but where do I️ go? I’ve really started a good business here. We live like roommates with zero affection. I’ve stopped trying because you can only take so much rejection.

I’m hurting inside so bad…I️ don’t know what else to say


Reply from Tow

I don’t believe he has a problem with you personally. It sounds as if he’s never truly satisfied and that is a problem within him. Not only that but might I suggest that he may be gay? If “s3x doesn’t feel good to him” regardless of whether he’s looking for other women or not….maybe he’s not willing to admit to himself that he’s gay. I would leave this relationship. You can do better.

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