I need advice. My husband and i have been married less than a year, and i dont know if we will make it to our 1st anniversary. We have been together for almost 2 1/2 years total.
When we first moved in together, it was about 3 months before we got married. After we got married, things were good. We went out alot, hung out with our friends alot, and had s3x 2-3 times a week. Things were great….then his youngest brother and his gf moved in. We still went out, but less (he was tired, i wasn’t), and had s3x maybe twice a week, but usually once a week. Then we moved out of town.

As soon as we moved, we didn’t hang out w our friends anymore, and we went out every other week (it was 20 miles back into town to do anything). And our s3x life slowed to once every 2-3 weeks. I have a high s3x drive, so this became very frustrating. I left my job, and am unable to get another due to physical limitations, so money got tight. After 3 months, we moved back to town.

Now, we are living in town, but we hardly ever go anywhere. His mom and his youngest brother live w us now. We have had s3x maybe 3 times here, and we have lived here 4 or 5 months here now.

Hes never been overly physical with me, regarding simple things like making out (anything over 3 kisses to me, hell, we dont even french kiss), to foreplay. We do cuddle on occasion, but usually its just a hand on my thigh. Ive asked a hundred times for physical affection, and he slaps my ass a few times an calls it good. Wont touch me or go down on me. Says he loves it, and he will, but never does. Cant tell me why heavy kissing bothers him, but insists we make out all the time. When we do have s3x its just that…s3x. No forplay, no kissing during, no affection. He tells me i can have it whenever (i want it all the time from him lol), but he says no EVERYTIME i try, but if i say no to him, he gets mad.

I love him dearly, and we enjoy so much of the same things, but the lack of affection, plus the fact we are never alone, has caused enough strain on our marriage, that im thinking of ending it; i dont know what more i can do. I try to talk to him, but he just keeps promising he will try, but nothing changes. And just recently i found out hes been watching porn every chance he gets…even on his breaks at work…(we used to enjoy watching together, talked about swinging even), but now, he refuses to watch with me.

Please, i could really use an outside opinion.

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