I have a mental illness, and for that I take medication, this works wonders, and allows me to live a normal life, however there is one major side effect, I have lost my s3x drive completely, and with my wife having a high s3x drive, she has asked me to allow her to have s3x with another man.

At first when she asked she said it would be s3x once or twice a year, and now she is asking me to allow her to have s3x with another man twice a month.

I’m really hurting here, knowing I cannot satisfy my wife in the s3xual way, I do love her, and she says she loves me, and she will never leave me, but Im having a real hard time accepting her demands to have s3x with another man 24 times a year, or more even.

She says she has not yet had s3x with anyone behind my back, but I really don’t know her anymore, the guy she is planning on having s3x with lives locally, and is always calling her on her mobile, and its starting to interfere with our/mine daily lives now, so much to the point I’m writing here on a website due to me not having any friends locally. I’m English, living in another country that I do not speak the language.

We have been married for 3 years, and im 40, my wife is 33 with a teenage child from her previous relationship, whom I have taken on as my own.

I’m trying to find somewhere locally that I can get professional help before its too late.

What do you think? Should I allow this? If I don’t, she will despise me.

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