I AM having s3x with my mother-in-law. I know we risk getting caught but she is fantastic in bed.

I am 36, my wife is 32 and we have two beautiful girls aged seven and three.

I love my wife very much but our s3x life has become a bit mundane over recent years. We both work hard and bedtime is very much for sleeping.

Her mum is 56 but you’d never guess. She is beautiful but I never thought of her as s3xy until recently. Her husband is always on the golf course and I went round one Sunday morning to look at her car because it wouldn’t start.

She invited me in for coffee after and we found ourselves sitting in the lounge chatting and laughing.

She crossed her legs and I got a flash of her thigh and suddenly found I had an ere.ction. I was both shocked and turned-on.

With that she came over and sat next to me and put her hand on my crotch and that was it.

Within seconds we were tearing one another’s clothes off and having s3x. I can’t say either of us felt terrible after – it was too good – but we did agree not to make it a habit.

Unfortunately it has turned into just that – regular s3x. I find myself looking for reasons to pop round to do some chore or other. My wife thinks I am the perfect son-in-law and so does her dad.

We nearly got caught last weekend as he came home early because it was raining.

How on earth do I put a stop to the s3x and carry on as before?

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