My wife used to weight 52kgs. She now weighs 84kgs after going all the way up to 95kgs at some point .

No she didn’t have a baby. She just started eating for 10 after her parents died. I was understanding about it at first.

The loss of her parents hit her pretty hard and she went into depression and used food to cope. But before long she was weighing 95kgs and I was living with a morbidly obese woman who was a complete hideous stranger to me. It’s made me question why I am married to her.

We’d stopped having s3x a while back and then she came trying to interest me one night wearing lingerie. I told I was too exhausted and kept telling her that every other time until she broke down in tears crying about how I don’t find her attractive any more? How in the world can she expect me to find her attractive? I never fell in love with this person she’s become. I haven’t seen any sign of my wife in years and I’m ready to tell her lose the weight or I’m out.

Please Advice…

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