Okay. I know how this is going to sound. I have this buddy that’s never hidden the fact that he thinks my wife is hot. Matter of fact it was through him that I met my wife.

He was dating my wife’s cousin and there was a party that he took me along with him and my wife was at the party. Well she wasn’t my wife yet obviously. But she was at that party and before I actually met her my friend had pointed her out to me and told me she was the cousin of the girl he was dating and how he was only really dating her cousin because he hoped it would help him get closer to her; but the way it worked out her cousin introduced us and we hit it off and started going out and now we’re married. Been married 5 years.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was talking to my friend about how my wife was having a hard time coming up with money she needed to start a side business and in the middle of the conversation he jokes that he’d gladly give her the money if she slept with him.

It’s not the first time he’s talked about sleeping with my wife. It’s kind of out in the open that he wants to sleep with her. Even she knows it. So when he says this I just respond with the usual but he tells me in this tone that he’s not joking.

Still I don’t take him seriously; but pretty much every day since he brought up the subject usually just asking me if my wife has come up with the money she needs and repeating his offer.

So I finally mention it to my wife as a joke and she asks me how much is he offering. I think she’s just going along with the joke so I say I don’t know I guess he’s offering to pay the whole amount she needs. She then asks me if I think he’s serious so I ask her why it matters if he’s serious .

I mean it’s not like she’d consider taking him up on the offer even if he was serious. She gives me this look that almost seems to be saying that yes, she would take him up on his offer if he was serious; but she doesn’t say anything. So the conversation ends but then the next day she brings up the subject again. She says to me that out of curiosity she wants to know how I would feel if she took my friend up on his offer.

I ask her why does she ask, if she’s actually seriously considering it and she says no, she’s just curious what I would do if she said she wanted to do it. She was curious how I’d react if I would actually let her do it. I told her I didn’t know and that I didn’t really want to talk about it. Tonight she brings up the subject again and I’m starting to get the feeling that she’s actually considering it.

I want her to be able to start her business and I can’t provide the money she needs. If she could get the money for trading one night of s3x it’s possible I could look the other way. So should i just tell her that it’s okay with me if she wants to do it?

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