My wife lost her job last year, and has had trouble finding a new one. She’s a qualified Accountant, there’s been no sign of a job in the horizon since her layoff. She’s getting so desperate she has even tried applying for retail jobs, applying to places like Wal-mart etc, but she’s overqualified for everything she applies for.

This has put a bit of a strain on our relationship with only one wage coming in, but I get a decent wage, and we’ve managed to get through it better than expected. I’ve been paying all the bills, rent, food, heating, health care, car, etc from my wage, and we save a bit of money on childcare now she’s there to drop them off and pick them up again from school, and I give her whatever money she needs to get things in for the kids and whatever’s needed for the house. But she feels really bad about asking for any money for herself, and she’s proud that way. Even when I offer her spending money, or say “Here, go out and buy yourself something nice” or “Here, go out for the night with your friends, I’ll watch the kids for the evening” she can be weird about it, sometimes refusing to take money. I know she is used to buying her own things for herself, and she feels guilty because I pay all the bills and pay for anything the kids want or need and everything.

Anyways, one day she turned around and asked me if there was anything she could do for me for money, as she can’t get a job anywhere, and she misses having her own spending money in her pocket. But, I had already asked my own work if they had any vacancies for her, even in admin, but they are making cut-backs in my workplace too, so the answer was no.

When I explained that too her, she asked, “Well, is there anything I could even do for you for extra money? There must be something I could do?” I shook my head, and replied jokingly “I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything, though I wouldn’t mind a b1owjob? How much do you charge for those?” We laughed about it at the time, and she said I was terrible! Anyways, a few hours later she came back up to me and said “Ok. $80!” I just looked at her confused, and asked what she meant, she replied. “OK. $80 for the b1owjob! If you’re serious, it’s $80.” At the time I thought she was still joking. I laughed again, and asked her if that was her going rate. But she replied “Well I has a long think about it, and I wouldn’t want to take too much for it, since we are married. So I thought $40 was fair, but I’d want double that if you wanted to cm in my mouth. But then, I thought, I wouldn’t be fair to charge you for it if I didn’t let you cum in my mouth, so I guess I decided on the $80.”

Now, my wife and I have always had active s3x life, but she never liked giving me oral. Whenever she did it in the past, she always stopped before I climaxed, and made me finish myself off. She told me she didn’t like the taste of semen, and wouldn’t swallow. I think she tried it once, many years ago when we first started dating, but never again after that. I did miss her going down on me, but I respected her enough to not ask her for it when I know she doesn’t like doing it, as that wouldn’t be fair on her. Anyways, that night (I still wasn’t sure if she was serious or not by this point!), she really DID give me oral, and when I told her I was about to cum she kept going deeper and deeper on me till I climaxed in her mouth! I can honestly say it was the best orgasm I’ve had in years!! (I think I also woke all the neighbors!! haha) Anyways, afterwards when I was lying in a warm glow, I told her I couldn’t believe she had gone down on me like that, I really thought she would have slipped it out her mouth before I climaxed or changed her mind at the last minute, she just said “Well, you were paying for it! It wouldn’t have been right not to swallow!”

This was over 6 months ago. Since then we have got ourselves into a routine of doing it at least once a week. I decided to pay her weekly for it, so she could decide what extra spending money she wanted each week for herself, and let her decide how much she wanted to do it. At one point she suggested that she might give me every second one free if I wanted it more than once a week, and charge me for the third one, but we finally met halfway on that. I pay her weekly, and give her $80 for the first one, and $40 for every subsequent one that week. Meaning, she gets $80 for one a week, $120 for two, and $160 for three a week. I probably give her around $500 a month if it’s all added up. She just uses the money for her own personal spending cash, and savings for little holidays she likes going with the kids when I’m stuck in work, and she also started paying her own way again in meals when we go out for the night. Our love life is better than ever now, and she tells me now she likes pleasuring me in that way, as it’s well worth it for what she gets out of it, and she feels it makes us more equal in our relationship. I’m also really happy with the arrangement, as I get to have her in ways that I always wanted before, but didn’t like asking for. I’ll tell you one thing: if she had told me years ago that she wouldn’t have minded giving me full oral if I paid her for it, we’d have had this arrangement running for years!

Does anyone else do this, or know anyone else who does this? Does anyone see anything wrong with our arrangement?

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