I am 16 years old. I have one brother and he is allowed to go out and stay out late. He has just turned 18. Whenever I want to go out, it is always a big argument in the house. My mother wants to know where I am going and why I am going there. Sometimes I have to lie.

My boyfriend is a 42-Year old businessman who I have been friends with for little over a year now. I often tell my parents I am going to the library, and I pack my school books in my bag and my boyfriend picks me up at our favorite spot.

Sometimes I say to myself that it is my parents who have caused me to have s3x so soon. When my boyfriend picks me up, he takes me straight to his house and he orders pizza. We stay in bed for the entire day.

We watch movies and play games. My clothes are never crushed because as I get to his house, I take off my clothes and put on one of his T-shirts.

I nearly got caught one day because someone came to his house to ask him to do something for him and when I peeped out, it was my English teacher from my school. He did not see me.

I am very slim; I don’t look my age. One day, I heard him telling another person in the yard that his daughter was here to see him, and the woman said, “She resembles you for true.”

My mother would kill me if she knew that I was having s3x. I know that you are going to say that I should stick to my lessons, but what I am doing does not affect my lessons.

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