I have a serious problem with controlling my uncontrolled erections. I definitely feel something is wrong and choose to seek the public’s advise first before seeing a professional doctor.

First let me say my longest relationship recorded lasted for 10 years with this girl with whom i had truly dedicated my life and trust to yet still she cheated on me resulting in those 10 years of my life being washed down the drain.

I have never cheated on my partners, not even once except with myself if that counts. Yes the safest and only way i see to cheat and still stay faithful was to masturbate.

I am the type of person who would masturbate a lot of and when she is not around; not to say that I’m a s3x addict, but just to keep my self and my relationship faithful. A few of my friends practice it as well so i am not ashamed to admit that i practice a lot, and by a lot i mean I can have 15 – 30 rounds in a single night mood pending.

I must admit i have recently became an addict at masturbating as sometime when she is home with me and ‘too tired’ to have s3x, i went ahead and help my self just the same as if she wasn’t there.

We broke up and went our separate ways
I turned to social media seeking a new partner and have found a woman to be in my life once again. Things seems to be running very smoothly and by getting to know each other more am already getting the feeling that this one will last.

My new girlfriend seem to love s3x more than i do, but not more than my previous girl who would take it right through the night non-stop (if not too tired). I now realize that i have moved into a new relationship and should maintain and cherish as the first but even more.

I’ve have always open my heart every time to any new girl that i enter a relationship with, building trust easily so as its new!

I now have a serious problem, not with my girlfriend but with myself and this uncontrolled erection. I would get erected for the least of things, hugging a friend, looking at some chick in a short jeans shorts or any overly sexy looking female who i may see whether on screen, paper or in reality.

My girlfriend often catch me off guard with my ‘third leg’ hanging and would laugh thinking its her doing but i know something is wrong and i’m getting this strange feeling this is a result of my previous excess masturbation.

I have did an experiment by starved my self for two weeks and have discovered some shocking truth.

Not only have i lost the uncontrolled erection but i have some how become more ‘long lasting’ in bed.

I wonder if this had happen to anyone before? Please let me know, any advice would be helpful …

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