Hi Auntie

I have been sitting on the same spot since last night wondering how i got myself into this. We dated for one year and she did not for once let me see her nak3d insisting on no s3x before marriage. How foolish i was, she’s so beautiful and i thought it was worth the wait. I’m confused.

We got married on Saturday and before the reception i begged her to let me have a taste of the cookie and she refused and i agreed because “a little suspense is always good”.
Imagine my shock at night when i saw my wife with an er3ct p3nis. I almost punched her/him.

She says she was born that way but for Pete’s sake why did she hide such a thing from me. I can’t stop crying. I built my life around her. I’m weak, i can’t even tell my friends i feel like visiting the lagoon or just taking poison.

Auntie please help me, you and your followers. I need to hurt her equally. I spent thousands on a wedding to see a d1ck? This is too much Help me.

I’m gradually losing my mind. She claims she didn’t tell me because she didn’t want to lose me, for Christ’s sake, What do i do now? Where do i start?

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