Hello Auntie Lisa, kindly take out my details before posting on the blog. I just got married in 2014, I am 24 and my wife is 23, we are from same tribe. My wife, has become close friends with my mother. This has resulted in sharing her concerns with my occasional bed wetting. It is actually just a little spotting when I don’t wake up on time, not what I would call bedwetting.

My mother was quick to tell her how she dealt with bed wetting when I was a child. To my total embarrassment, my mother recounted how she had made me wear nappies and plastic baby pants when I wet the bed. This happened frequently up until I was a teenager. I never went to a boarding school because of this challenge.

Wetting my bed resulted in having to wear napkin until I could keep my bed dry for a week. I had to earn the right to not
wear a nappy. If I was bad, she added the humiliation of having to wear one of my younger sister’s nylon nighties to bed. I learned quickly to obey and work hard to keep my bed dry. But, since I could not control my bed wetting I spent a lot of nights in a napkins and baby pants. Back then, My sister, loved it when mom made me wear her nighties.

She would get me in trouble, then suggest to mom that I should be punished, volunteering to pick out a pretty, lacy night gown for me to wear. Once when I was especially dis-respectful, she told my sister to pick out a night gown and some white pantyhose tights. I spent that evening ashamed of myself in napkin, wearing rubber baby pants and dressed in a short feminine nightie and white panty hose.

I was required to crawl on the floor like a baby until bed time. My wife enjoyed the stories from my big mouthed mother and begged to hear more. I was turning angry with embarrassment while this was being discussed. Every once in a while, my mom would look at me and say “It’s all true, isn’t it “? . All I could do is hang my head in shame because it was. True.

My sister then looked at me and said “I think I should try this, what do you think broses? ” “If you are going to wet the bed, then you need to be in a nappies “. My mother agreed and suggested my wife have a similar rule, if I can keep my bed dry for a month, then I could be allowed to wear my normal underwear as a reward. With no comment from me, they agreed that this was the right plan.

That afternoon , my wife took me to a medical supply store and bought a dozen adult pampers and some plastic pants that looked just like the baby pants that my mother used to make me wear. I objected but she said that she would no longer sleep with me unless I was padded since she was tired of waking up in wet bed. Reluctantly, I agreed to her demand. That evening she had me lie on the floor and lift my d1ck, so she could slide the adult pampers under me. Then she powdered me, I became fully erect during this process. As she pinned the diaper snugly around me, she commented on how I apparently was enjoying being diapered. She then held me up the plastic pants and I asked me if I was looking forward to wearing my baby pants for the first time in many years.

I started to shed tears, she smiled and put each leg into the baby pants and then pulled them up slowly, all the time telling me that only babies wet the bed and only babies wear pampers, that next time she might get cloth nappies so that I learn to wash my urine and baby pants……if I can’t control myself then it was only right that I be dressed like a baby. She insisted that I agree with her, I nodded my head, and then she told me that I would sleep like a baby, knowing that my diaper would keep our bed dry.

The next morning when I woke up, my wife could see that my diaper was soaking wet. “Boy, we got you in diapers just in time didn’t we?” That evening I layed on the floor again and she diapered me. When I went to put on my pajama bottoms, she told me to not put them on in case I needed to be changed. Really? Is she my wife or my mother?

There I stood, in my pajama top with my baby pants and diaper fully visible. That is how I had to spend the evening.
It wasn’t long before I got pouty and disrespectful…….that was her chance. She pulled out a pink nightie and set it by my diapers. That goes on you after you are diapered tonight. You are going to look really cute. I started to cry and she firmly told me that my disrespect had to be punished and my mom’s approach was worth a try. I begged for another chance but she stayed firm and that night was my first dressed in her silky nightgown and diapers. My childhood days came rushing back. The next day I was submissive and respectful at all times. But I still ended up in a night gown that night….and many nights after that.
My birthday came around and my darling wife had my Mother and sister come over for dinner to celebrate. It was to be a night full of surprises for me. After dinner, as usual, she diapered me, put on my plastic baby pants and my pajama top. We then had meat and starch and my birthday cake. As we were finishing, my wife announced, “Time for presents”. I am not much on birthdays so this little party was turning into be too much for me and couldn’t imagine what gifts she would have brought. Madam handed me her present, it was large and soft. I ripped open the wrapping paper to find a package of adult diapers. Then she quickly explained that these would come in handy if we were traveling or needed daytime protection. I protested that I didn’t wear diapers during the day, but reminded me it was only a matter of time before I would have an accident and I would want to have a more discreet diaper. “Those plastic pants are so noisy, won’t you want something less noticeable?” I had to agree and thanked her for the thoughtful gift. “Now is that anyway to act when you get such a nice gift” she added. “Lie down and let’s see if they still fit” I began to tear up but obeyed and layed down on the rug.

My madam wife had me lift my bottom and slid my baby pants off and picked up the plastic panties. Bed time for my baby husband she said.” This was a birthday I would never forget. I fell my wife enjoys humiliating me but I can’t help it. I would rather spend the rest of my life with her, can’t risk letting anyone else know this secret. I have never heard of adult men bedwetting. Sometimes it just feels like my situation is some kind of punishment. There is no pastor that I haven’t been to see. Looking at me from afar, you’ll never have the slightest suspicion that I sometimes wet. Is there any remedy or I’m meant to be a baby all my life? What happens when we start having babies? Bed pissing competition? Sometimes I worry that my wife will dump me one day in search of a dry bed.

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