Hello, when me and my girlfriend start to have s3x she is very wet but after about 15 minutes of penetration she goes dry, now I know it is not me because I am good with what I have. I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on what would cause this, if you could e-mail your response back to me I would be thankful.

Joe(22 year-old man)


Being “good with what you have” is a judgment always to be left to the woman, and the nonverbal comment that what is happening is no longer working is that she will dry up! During s3xual arousal, a man gets hard and a woman gets wet. If the man is staying excited, he will stay firm. If a woman is staying excited, she will stay wet.

A woman’s vag1na is not her most sensitive area, and 15 minutes of thrusting into a relatively numb area is not going to keep many woman going, and in fact, as they dry up and begin getting sore, they will shut down even faster.

The reason your partner is getting dry is that she is turning off. Better talk to her about what she really likes and stop assuming that you can work magic with your erection, no matter how long you can keep on thrusting.

There is a lot more to exciting and satisfying a woman than just prolonged intercourse . . . and her vag1na is telling you that. Better listen to it and start talking to her.

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