I’m a single 34 yo woman who about 6 months ago moved to a completely new area for a job (which I love) but means I don’t really know anyone outside of work and have no close friends nearby.

I’ve had a couple of serious relationships and a few less serious ones. I’m happy currently being single, I ended all my past relationships and I don’t mind being on my own. What I do mind is not having s3x.

At my age how do I solicit casual s3x? In my youth I obviously had one night stands with guys I met at bars, and while this isn’t completely impossible now, I lack a reliable wing woman. I know the internet often has the solution for these problems but I just couldn’t bring myself to outright ask a Tinder match for s3x. Also, I’ve found as I get older I become more and more introverted and have a harder time talking (and so flirting) with new people.

Help! I miss the D. Self care can only get one so far!


Single and s3xless

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