Currently I’m dating a girl and I’m unable to have s3x with her because my penis won’t stay hard enough to put it inside of her with a c0nd0m. We had s3x once without a c0nd0m the other night, but she wants to use a c0nd0m (and I do too) and since then I’ve tried a buncha times to penetrate her with a c0nd0m but by the time I put it on and try to get it in, I’m working with like a 70{863ae21f3883e951777bdbc8607717246c41fed58c5a71d477243a35f9718ce7} boner. And damn, vag1nas are tricky motherfuck3rs. They don’t exacly suck you in with a vaccum seal. You gotta aim, and my aim’s not the best. It sucks because we work on a cruise ship and I leave in a week and I’d like to be making sweet love to her during the time we have left. BTW, I feel completely comfortable with this girl. We hang out naked in her room all the time, shower together, etc. It’s cool.

I’ve had xs3x with seven different girls and I’ve only used a c0nd0m the first time I had s3x (and I was lucky to stay hard long enough to get it in). Other times, I’ve tried using a c0nd0m but it never worked so I just said fuck it and went in raw. Even without a c0nd0m, I’ve always had trouble achieving and maintaining a boner. A few weeks ago I picked up a girl and on our Day 2, we couldn’t have s3x because my dick went soft. Other times, girls have booty-called me but I didn’t come over because I knew I’d be soft as gym sock. Te hee. BTW, I’ve never even come close to coming from s3x. I’ve only ever been able to cum by finishing myself in a girl’s face.

I don’t watch p0rn or ma5turbat3 (anymore). I’ve only ma5turbat3d three times in the past four months (and one of those times was with my girlfriend). Also, I work out a lot and am in good shape. I rarely drink. I’m twenty four years old.

Currently my plan is to just keep trying. I’m going to keep meeting and picking up girls and trying to have s3x with them. Hopefully I’ll learn to adapt and use a c0nd0m. Otherwise I’ll just keep getting humiliated in bed. Otherwise, I may just keep raw-dogging it and ignore the looming spectre of STD’s. I’ve had some pretty skeezy s3x you guys. There was that one night stand with the girl in that $15 hotel in Manaus, Brazil. Damn that shit was crazy. Oh, and the time I fuck3d that Peruvian Girl in Lima. As I grow in attraction, confidence, and charm I only intend to continue having more s3xual encounters. Yep, I’m gonna die of AIDS allright.

Man, I thought s3x was supposed to be animalistic and straightforward. I mean, other mammals just get horny and hump each other, right? Why can’t I do the same? Why is it so complicated to execute this basic act of nature.

Thanks for the advice.

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