I am 43 years old and this is the first time I am writing to you, . I am married and I have five children. My husband took me out of the church. I used to sing on the choir. He came to the church as a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

I was a virgin and he started to invite me out. He was working and living alone. Sometimes after church, I would go to his house and cook his dinner and wait until he got home. I was living with my grandmother and she would leave me and go home after church.

She started to warn me to be careful. I got pregnant and gave birth to twins. We got married, and now I have five children. This man is treating me like a dog.

When I met him, he could hardly read. I spend time teaching him how to read. After we got married, we went back to church and we walked forward and rededicated ourselves to the Lord.

He has now become a ‘turn back’ Christian. I have to quarrel to get him to go to church.

He has a girlfriend and she wants to take him over. We had a quarrel about it and the things he told me were so disgraceful; and he said them before two of our children who were at home.

He said I am ‘stretched out’ and I don’t have any use, but he can get young girls and I can’t do anything about it. this is the man who knows everything about me. I was never a ‘runabout’ girl. I told my pastor what I am going through, but he cursed off the pastor and said I can go and live with the pastor, he doesn’t care.

How can I continue with a man like this?, you always tell girls to get a job and to study and get a skill.

Since this man told me how I am big and stretched out, I have been sleeping in shorts. I don’t want him to touch me. We sleep head and tail. It is because of my children why I am reluctant to leave him.

Please give me answer.

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