My wife insists we have anal s3x. My penis hurts when I try penetrating. Can you recommend a gel?

I am a 37-year-old married man and my wife is 32. Although we enjoy a healthy s3x life, sometimes, my wife insists we have anal s3x.

We have tried it several times using precaution, but my penis hurts when I try penetrating. Can you recommend a gel?



Many men want to have anal s3x but they never get it. You are one lucky man. Just use a lot of lubrication before anal s3x. As anus is not self lubricating like vagina, so it needs lot of lubrication. The reason you were feeling pain in your penis was because of lack of lubrication. Now here is the procedure, first make sure she visits the toilet or she gets an enema done or you will be covered with stinky feces. Then fill her anus with your spit and then slowly finger her anus, till it becomes easier to move your finger freely.Then apply lot of spit on your p3nis and her anus and then slowly penetrate your p3nis in her anus. Be gentle or you might hurt her and yourself. Once you are able to slide freely then you can increase your speed a bit but not very fast.And you will enjoy it because you have the full support of your wife. So go for it.


Don’t go for it. Though, it is more fun once the front opening becomes loose, but with it complications can come.

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