I’ve been with my wife for five years. Her Vj was very tight and out of nowhere it’s very open, not feeling the same.

I tried not having s3x for a week or two to see if I notice a difference, but it’s the same issue. It feels more open and wider.

I’m so confused. I tried talking to her about it but she went into an argument. What should I do? Or what can I do? I don’t want to cheat or leave her, but I’m really confused.


I have no medical training, but I did some reading. There are many factors that could contribute to this issue.

You did not say how old your wife is but as women age the vag1naL loses elasticity (tightness). She can also lose tightness if she has had several children and do not take care of her health, including vag1naL health.

According to realself.com, “Sagging in vginal tissue is due to many factors such as age, hormonal status, genetics, pregnancy history, weight, medications, surgical history, smoking history, and nutritional status.”

I believe, based on what I have researched, there is hope for your wife’s vagina, so do not worry. There is corrective surgery, particular diets and exercises to fix this issue.

The good thing is you have not cheated and have expressed your wish not to, so it appears you’re a good husband. And please, keep it that way.

What you need to do is read up more about vag1naL elasticity. There is unlimited information on the internet. Also, encourage her to visit a gynecologist. Assure her, you still love her and you won’t hurt her. Tell her you just want to make both of you happy. Also notify her about what you have read on the internet and encourage her to visit the doctor for expert opinion. Usually, the issue is medical or natural.

If she is still cursing? Tell her men go through similar changes in life. The p3nis is also prone to issues as it ages.

I know a lot of people are thinking that your wife’s “big” issue stems from cheating, particularly her having regular s3x with a man with a larger penis. But let’s stay positive here. Sir, while this is a possibility, that may not be the case.

The fact you did not mention any concerns about cheating, means there may be nothing to fear. So ignore the comments (that I know will come).

Just read some more, be patient and kind with your wife, and get her some help. Let her understand that men have their issues too, and the reason you’re married to her is to stick with her through good and bad.

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