My wife recently came clean about her affair with her boss. She’s 31 years old, brunette hair and brown eyes, 5′ 4″, average build, nice 34C chest, and a trimmed but hairy *****. She assumed I’d be livid, and I was at first, but then she said she wanted me to sleep with another woman to even things out.

We spent a few weeks looking for someone, but single women interested in an arrangement like this are few and far in between. We ended up meeting a couple online that we eventually had full swap in the same room with. It was only then that I discovered my desire to see her with other men as I was as turned on by watching her and I was by ******* this other woman. I’ve since been encouraging her to meet other guys. She was reluctant at first, but agreed to once and ended up enjoying it more than she thought with me watching. We’re still newbies but having fun. Anyway, she finally told me all the details of her encounter with her boss and they were quite the turn on so though

She had always told me about how big a pervert her boss was, always making inappropriate comments, etc. She went in to see him one afternoon about attending a conference in London and he agreed to pay for it if she would do some thing for him. Just stand in front of him and pull down her pants and panties and let him ********** while looking at her *****.

No touching or contact, all she had to do was stand there until he was finished. She turned him down at first, but he kept offering until she finally agreed to do it. They waited until everyone else had left then she stood in front of him while he sat in his chair and she undid and pulled down her pants and her panties to her knees. He pulled out his **** and started jacking off, asking her to touch it and spread her legs a bit so he could see. She did this, and he jacked until he came all over his stomach, then she pulled up her pants and left. The next morning he called her and asked her to stop by at lunch. When she got there he was waiting and asked her to do it again. She had on a skirt this day, so when she pulled down her panties he asked if she would take them all the way off and let him have them. She handed them to him and leaned against his desk, holding her skirt up so he could see her ***** while he jerked off again. He finihsed, then told her he wanted to keep her panties for the rest of the day.

She resisted at first but finally agreed and left and spent the rest of the day working without panties on. At the end of the day when everyone had left she went in to get them and he asked her to pose for him again. She stood in front of him while he jerked again, only this time when he came he shot it in her panties that he was holding, then he asked her to put them back on. Again she resisted at first, but it was put them on or go home with no panties, so she eventually gave in and put them back on with the crotch soaked in his ***. She said when she got home she realized there were dry stains too, he had jerked off in them several times that day.

The next morning he called her in and asked to do it again, this time she had on pants again, so she stood in front of him with them around her knees while he jerked off looking at her ***** until he came and shot it all in her panties while they were still around her legs. So she spent the entire day with his ***** gooing up her panties, touching her *****.

That afternoon he again called her in and this time asked if he could shoot it on her *****, since he was basically doing this anyway by ******* in her panties. At this point she pushed back about what started this in the fisrt place – funding the trip, and he agreed and that this would be the last time if she let him do this. So she gave in and dropped her pants and panties and leaned against his desk, back on her arms. He stood in front of her and jerked, this time until he came and shot it all over her *****, soaking the hair in hot ***. She got her trip approved, then things cooled off for the next couple of weeks.

Then he calls her in again one morning and says he’s resigning effective in two weeks, but that he had lined up a market adjustment for her salary and would take care of it if she would agree to resume their activites for the final two weeks. She apparently spent a couple days going back and forth, whether to accept, do nothing, or even report him and endure the consequences.

We were in the midst of building a new house, so the substaitial extra income was very tempting, and it was something she had already done anyway so what difference did repeating it a few more times make? She had already done the deed. So she agreed to it, and for the next week and a half he would call her into his office two or three times a day, she would expose herself and lean against his desk, and he would stand in front of her and soak her ***** in his ***. His last day there he asked her to wait until everyone had left before coming in. When she came in he asked if she would take off all her clothes for him this time. She took them off for him while he watched and jerked, then assumed the usual position sitting on his desk, legs spread, leaning back on her arms. He stood between her legs and started *******, then asked if she would jerk him with her hand this one last time. She reached down and took his **** in her hand and started stroking it, he moved in closer until they were practically touching, she kept going until he blew his load all over her again, only as he was ******* he pushed forward a bit and made contact between his **** and her *****. She still had his **** in her hand as he pushed his hips forward and grinded his **** and her hand into her *****. She assumed they were almost done and let him enjoy the contact for a few seconds as she pulled her hand away. Instead he reached up with his hand and started rubbing the tip of his **** against her lips and pushed his hips forward and drove the tip of his **** in her before she realized what was happening. She said she wasn’t sure what happened at that point, but she could feel how hard he was still even though he had just *** and how good it felt touching her and she just relaxed and moaned. That was all the permission he needed and he started pumping in and out of her ***** all while still sitting on the edge of his desk and him standing. She was the first to ******, and her clenching when she came drove him over the edge and he drained his load inside her. Once the moment had passed she realized what had just happened and freaked out. She says she doesn’t remember much about getting dressed or leaving and coming home, but she was waiting for me when I got home and told me what had happened. She didn’t tell me it had been going on for a few weeks until later on when she realized I wasn’t upset by it, but rather turned on by it.

Her old boss lives in California now, she’s been in touch with him over email and he’s supposed to be back this way in a few months. I really want to see her with him, we haven’t approached me watching yet with him but I’m sure he’ll be cool with it given what he asked and did with her. I’ll be sure and post when it finally happens!

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