Hi Aunty Lisa,

I’m a 26 year old woman who got married 2 years ago. I desperately need your help. My husband got arrested last year in June after he was caught having sex with a dog. The story was reported in newspapers and he was sentenced to six months in prison. Since then I have become the talk of town. I live in a high density suburb where everyone knows everything about ever person’s life.

My husband was released in January this year but I’m finding it hard to forgive him. How could he cheat on me with a dog. Did he mean that a dog is way better than me? I might be ugly but not as ugly as a dog. For that reason I want him to get married to a dog and not me. He is begging for forgiveness, he has been to my aunts and my sisters begging them to persuade me to accept his apology, but I feel what he did is totally unacceptable.

We have a 1-year-old child, who is now under the care of my parents. It’s good for children to grow up in the company of both their parents but I’m sure when he grows up he would understand why I dumped his father. My pastor has tried talking to me to forgive him and move on, but I’m finding it hard. My best friend is encouraging me to not to go back to that dog-rapist. She got me a good job just a month after my husband got arrested, so she has already proved to be a good friend.

Please help me aunty, I’m not even dating anyone, I’m still heart broken and I don’t want to go back to that man, but many people are asking me to forgive him. I can eventually forgive him but as for calling him ‘my husband’, mmmmmm that would be so tough and unfair on my part. Your professional advice is always welcome.



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