Hi Aunty

My story is so long and full of emotions, I don’t even know where to start.

I’ve been dating this girl, we were friends before dating each other, we were close best friends, talking about everything when she got relationship problems she was coming straight to me for advices, and I would do the same to her whenever I encountered problems.

Then she broke up with her boyfriend because the guy was cheating on her, and I was single at that time because my girlfriend and I had broken up. I then proposed love to her because we were both single and we believed we would have a strong relationship since we were already close friends.

We dated for 1 and half years, then in March last year she told me that she was pregnant. I was happy that I was going to be a father. We were not staying close to each other, and three months later her belly didn’t look like she was pregnant, but I believed her.

She called me the other day an told me that she went for a scan and the doctor said she’s caring twins, both boys. I was so happy then I asked her to print the scan so that I can see for my self when she visits me, but that felt in deaf ears. When I asked her why her belly was still small yet she claimed to be five months pregnant, she calmed me by saying “you know every woman is different”.  I trusted her and believed what she was saying.

To cut the story shot, this girl told me in December that she gave birth and its twin brothers. I asked her to send me a picture but she gave me lame excuses and I kept quite. When I was about to go home to see my boys she told me not to come and said she’s coming with the kids where I stay. I live in the City and she’s in rural areas. Two days later, she told me that the babies were having heart failure so they must go for operation, just because I was happy I sent her the money but the following day she called me and told me we lost the kids.

But I had this feeling that she’s lying to me but with the way she was acting, the other part of me was believing her. Then she came to the city and told me what happened, how heartbroken she is and stuff. But my sister was suspicious also. She asked my mom to go to that girl’s place to hear everything from her mom. And when my mom got there she got the shock of her life when my mother-in-law professed ignorance over my girlfriend’s alleged pregnancy.

Aunty Lisa, I was so heartbroken when my mom called me because I was with that lady then I put my mom on loudspeaker. when I asked her how she could do that to me, she told me that she had a miscarriage didn’t wanted to hurt since she knew that I love kids. She was hoping she would get pregnant so soon. I remember this other day when I was with her she was bleeding and the blood was so dark. I told her to go and see a doctor to avoid having a miscarriage. She said she went to the doctor and everything was fine, so she claimed.

I can’t finish Aunty this story is very long.

I have asked her for a break. I can’t look at her in the eyes because she betrayed our friendship, trust and honesty.

What must I do to feel better and let this feeling go. Please help me, I’m so confused because I think about this everyday. I don’t know how to deal with it. She wants us to get back to each other again but I can’t trust her anymore. I love her dearly but I don’t trust her. I no longer trust any females just because of her. I nearly killed her that day but I thought of the consequences. This is too much I can’t deal with it anymore

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