I’VE been having fun sex with two of my mates’ girlfriends. Now they both say they’re pregnant.

I’m 22 and work in an exhaust centre. There are ten mechanics and a couple of them have really hot girlfriends. Sometimes we all go out and I take my partner.

We’ve had a record year for takings so our company organised a night in the local pub for staff and their other halves, with free drinks.

One of my mates’ girlfriends joined me outside for a cigarette. We had all had a few drinks and she started flirting, saying she’d always fancied me. She’s 25 and very pretty so we swapped numbers.

It was my lucky night as later, another colleague’s girl told me — after she’d had a few — that her boyfriend was rubbish during sex and added: “I bet you are something else.” She’s nearer 30.

I used to have lots of women on the go before I dumped them all for my partner. But it was just too tempting that both these girls were coming on to me — the thrill of the chase and the danger it would expose me to.

My girlfriend is just 18 and she’s very cute, but the sex is mediocre as she’s so inexperienced.

I texted both the girls after the party and have been seeing them both ever since. The sex is great but I’ve been clear it’s strictly fun, with no strings. Now they’ve both messaged me saying they’re pregnant — and the dates all point the finger at me being the dad.

What should I do now because I indicated to these guys that we are just friends, nothing else. I’m not prepared to get married to any of them, let alone becoming a polygamous man.

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