Dear Aunty Lisa,

I have a serious issue that is really nagging me. My wife recently gave birth. I knew that the children couldn’t be mine because my wife is a rabbit and furthermore the children were black so that would be impossible. I still love her but I don’t know if I should leave her. Please don’t judge me I know that it isn’t “normal” to be married to a rabbit but you shouldn’t judge love. Love isn’t black and white, its complex. Please give me good advice.

By the way we have been married for about three years. We had decided not to have children until we are both 25, but to my surprise she unexpectedly fell pregnant early this year. We are both 24, we started dating during our college days as we were classmates.

NB: A woman referred to as a “rabbit” is a woman who can freely have sex with different men or multiple boyfriends.

Dear friend, thank you for reaching out to Aunty Lisa.

So I take it you have an open relationship? Since you allow her to be a “rabbit”. I am not going to judge you because I know you must really love her if you put up with her affairs, however the question is does she love you? It doesn’t sound that way. Love knows no colour, that’s true, but that isn’t the problem here, the problem is your wive’s infidelity. You need to come to a decision if you will continue to accept her behaviour and the fact that she is having children from other men. You need someone that loves you back and will respect you. I think it’s time to move on and let her go, especially if you are faithful to her. If she says the child belongs to you (despite the baby’s colour), then you may need to consider going for DNA tests which will prove whether the child is yours or not.

Lastly, in this day and age where there are so many sexually transmitted diseases, some of them incurable, I strongly believe gone are days of entertaining open relationships. If your lover, worse off your wife, can’t be satisfied with you alone, then you should not have been together in the first place.

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