Dear Aunty Lisa,

I am in a no s*x relationship with this amazing young man, he is cool and has everything I wanted in a man.

Apart from him, have always been in a no s*x relationship, the last man I dated, was also in a no s*x relationship with me but he was more vibrant emotionally, like he will hug me tight, hold me and look into my eyes, roll his hands over me and kisses me too and sometimes I notice he will be so turn on, just that we have decided we want to wait and sometimes he will say baby i’m so turn on but I can handle it.

Now the issue I have with this one I am dating now is, he will not do any of that, all he does is look at me passionately, and if he must touch me, he will just hold my hands and play with my fingers, he can stare at me the whole day and gist with me, but I have never seen him at the point where he was turn on, whether in his face or actions, he is just there.

I know he is God fearing and can afford not to be turn on, but I am so scared, have slept in his house before, we were just like blood siblings, cook together eat and off he went to his room, no emotions or maybe a kiss to say good night and stuff, it was so neutral I feared he might not like s*x or romance at all or maybe he is not all right.

Sometimes I want to bring up gist like, how far did you go with your ex, what is the most naughty thing you have done in a relationship or for love, and he will go like… I came back from work, I didn’t have a car then, so I trek all the way to her house to cook for her.

And I ask, what’s your most memorable s*x experience, and he replied baby good night, this is not you so don’t bring up the fake self, you’ve been talking too much to your girl friends lately I guess.

How do I get to know all these about him, have starved myself enough of s*x to please God, and to be a good girl my mother asked me to be and cannot “CANNOT” and will not be able to stand a slow or bad s*x experiences in marriage, the thought of this is driving me crazy..

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