Dear Aunty Lisa,
My husband is a violent man who gets angry easily. He doesn’t respect anybody in his family even his mother. He makes her cry. He would beat up his elder brother and sister if they try to caution him. I am tired of being in this abusive marriage with him. I have been enduring for 7 years.
He abuses me verbally, emotionlly and physically. He beats me all the time, even when I was pregnant. He’s a serial cheat who sleeps with different girls, even underage girls. He would even talk to them on the phone in my presence, telling them he loves them. Sometimes, he uses my own money to rent hotel room to have sex with his mistress. He’s slept with about 4 of my friends which is why I stopped having friends.
Now the problem is this: he’s traveled out of the country, but we do talk and the more we talk the more he hurts me. I have decided to move on with my life but I am not financially bouyant. I’m still talking to him because of the financial problems I am having.
I have this heavy grudge in my heart, and I think it’s because of this grudge I am bearing, things are not working out for me. I’m dying of depression. Please what should I do? I am thinking of telling him I’m no more interested in the marriage. I want to clear my heart and keep my head up to see if things would work out for me.

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