Dear Aunty Lisa,
Lately, my husband has been exhibiting some nasty habits I didn’t know he had. He doesn’t always flush the toilet after use, he belches loudly when full, picks his nose and farts, not minding who is there. I probably won’t mind so much if these nasty habits were displayed only in my presence but that is not the case.
He casually farted the other day three times in my mum’s presence without blinking. I mean who does that? He didn’t even have the courtesy to offer an apology. When guests are in the house and they are having a conversation, he would dip his finger into his nose continuously until he’s satisfied that it is clean. After eating he would dip a finger into his mouth and take a swipe. I find all these very irritating and embarrassing  I was raised up in a different way.
I have tried to caution him and make him see reason but he will just laugh it off like it doesn’t matter. I get really anxious when we have guests, praying silently that he won’t unleash his bad habits or hope our visitors don’t notice.
How do I get him to stop or deal with this?

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