Dear Aunty Lisa,

I want to leave my husband because this man has not been good to me. We have been married for 7 years.

We got married when we had nothing. Now that he has gone into politics and is doing very well, he now has two girlfriends. The most annoying thing is that he does not hide this facts from me.

Sometimes, he has the nerve to tell me that he can marry as many wives as he pleases. He has even stopped making love to me.

Recently, he travelled to London with one of his girlfriends. I knew but was helpless to do anything against it. Since he has promised to give me some money to add to my business, I always pretend not to know anything about this particular girlfriend. My husband just rented a well furnished apartment for this girlfriend. He has been dating her for 4 years now.

I feel he is treating me this way because I am not educated enough, my parents died when i was little and grew up at a forster home. I also wanted to be an educated person but life is not always fair.

Some days ago, I came to the decision to leave him for good and return to my parents in Eatern Cape to start a new life. I already have three daughters for him. Please advice me on whether I should leave or stay. The emotional pain that I am going through right now is unbearable.

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