A reader is in a dilemma over what he should do with his wife who repeatedly calls another man’s name while they are making love.

Dear Aunty Lisa,

My name is Anthony and I have been married for four years. My wife, Sibu, and I have always had a very satisfying sex life but in the past three months, something has happened that has made me doubt my wife’s fidelity to our marital vows.

I can beat my chest and say that since we got married, I have never cheated on my wife but that, I cannot say for her.

My suspicion and doubts stem from the fact that on the different occasions, my wife has called out another man’s name in the heat of passion.

The first time it happened was when she called the name of her ex-boyfriend while we were making love.

When I demanded an explanation, she begged me and said she did not know when she called his name.

But a month later, she screamed the name of a man I have never heard before. This time around, any explanation from her was never acceptable.

She has begged me and vowed that such will never happen again but just last week, she mentioned the same name again.

I have not given her the opportunity to lie to me again. Some of my friends that I discussed the issue with say that my wife has been cheating on me and I tend to believe them.

My problem now is that I do not know what steps to take.

Please I want you readers to advice me.

Anthony, Limpopo

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