What would be your reaction if you found your supposedly loving husband cheating on you on different dating sites?

Dear Aunty Lisa,

My name is Bongile and I have been married for six years now to a handsome man who has always been the dream of every woman.

Right from when I was dating Ayanda, I have had to bear his many infidelities and even had to physically fight about three women, just to secure my territory.

Even the first two years of our marriage was a constant fight to keep my home.

Somehow, he seemed to have settled with his demons and turned out to be a loving husband and a caring father to our two sons.

Since then, I have not had cause to suspect that Ayanda could be cheating on me because he never did anything to suggest such.

But in the past five months, I have come to realise that no matter how a woman guards her home, if her husband decides to cheat on her, there is no way to stop him.

A close friend first intimated me that she saw my husband on several dating sites, eg the most popular one  http://www.truelovers.co.za where he posted his status as either single, separated or divorced. Initially, I did not believe her until I was forced to check some of the sites and lo and behold, there was my beloved husband soliciting for relationships and in some instances, he was actually in some.

I have not had the heart to confront him with my findings.

I want your readers to advice me on what to do.


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