What would you do if you caught your brother’s bride with another man on the night before their wedding?

Dear Aunty Lisa,

My name is Tshidi, a 26-year-old lady. I am from the eastern cape and in my place, adultery is strongly frowned upon and in some cases, the husband is the one to suffer dire consequences of his wife’s infidelity.

It is such an incident that is giving me serious concern because I actually caught my elder brother’s wife having sex with another man on the night eve of their wedding.

I know many will think this is such a far fetched story but I actually caught Gontse, in a car with a strange man on the night.

You see, Gontse and my brother had an on and off relationship. At times, they could break up for up to a year and still found a way of getting back together, until they decided to get married. In between those break up times, I knew she had affairs, though she often told me such affairs never really worked out.

On the eve of their wedding, Gontse suddenly disappeared when everyone was dancing and having fun. No one actually noticed her absence and I am sure no one particularly looked out for her. Neither was I but I just happened to be pressed and I needed a dark place to ease myself.

I was almost beside the car when I noticed its bumpy movements and I knew instinctively that a couple was having sex. That was not my business anyway and I squatted to urinate but something drew my attention. I caught a glimpse of the white dress she was wearing at the party and out of curiosity, I peeped into the car and lo and behold, it was Gontse, my brother’s wife to be and another man having sex.

I quietly sneaked away and after keeping it to myself for over a month now, I feel the need to unburden my heart.

What do you think I should do? Should I tell my brother or confront Gontse herself?

Nancy, Eastern Cape.

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