Dear Aunty Lisa,

I like the way you responded recently to a married woman who was still in love with her ex. The story is similar to mine. He wanted to get married but I wasn’t ready. We broke up. After we broke up, we met up again and l agreed to date him again. We saw each other a few times but I wasn’t invited to his house. Of course I wondered why. Then he told me he had a confession to make. He told me that he had got married two weeks before l agreed to date him again, but he didn’t love his wife as much as he loves me and that he would divorce her.

I gave him six months. No divorce was forthcoming. Then I quit seeing him. He was begging, but I refused. A few months later I met my now husband and we got married.

My ex insisted that we could stay committed to our spouses but still see each other on the side. I miss him because he is very romantic and more handsome and caring than my husband. Sex with him was great and l miss his lovemaking. l realise I should not have married my husband because he can’t satisfy me financially.

My ex still wants me back and l realise that I love him like crazy. I’ve told him to divorce his wife but he has not given me any concrete answer. I am not in a rush to have sex with him but he is the one I love. We love each other but the obstacle is his wife. I can leave my hubby; I don’t mind how much I have invested in him.

I noticed that since I’ve started seeing my ex and having lunch with him, my mood has changed and even my husband noticed it. I need your advice.

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