Dear Aunty Lisa,

I have been with my wife for seven years now under the same roof, what worries me is that she is never in the mood to have sex. I try to touch her always but she just behaves like a corpse or worse gets angry she stays awake to watch TV until midnight. When I try my approaches she gets cross, telling me that she wants to sleep. I can’t cheat because of my religion but I’m getting tempted everyday as I am starting to admire much of the ladies I meet every day.

Tell me aunty what might be the cause of this problem? Even if she agrees to have it with me I always do the foreplay with a corpses and have sex with a dead body as well no action no movement up until I finish it’s like masturbating help please aunty.

Aunty Lisa’s response

From what i read here it  seems the two of you do not communicate well. Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Always try to make your partner feel free to express herself to you and also be prepared to listen to what she has to say, ladies love that. When you talk about the bedroom issues you should time her when she is in the right mood to talk and don’t rush her or neither judge her. You should tell her how you feel and then find something that both of you like and want to do.

Not cheating shouldn’t be about religion but should be a principle that you should have and uphold it. Cheating these days with the disease….. yooooo you will be putting yourself at great risk and also your partner. I advice you not to cheat on your wife and rather talk to her about the issue and find lasting solutions to them.  Other thing be romantic to your wife, buy her gifts, watch those romantic movies together since she loves movies, etc and create a romantic mood between the two of you this will help both of you to have the edge to have sex.

If you see that the two of you can’t talk alone about this go through her aunties am sure they will help you.

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